Sunday, 1 August 2010

Jesse Taylor - The Life of a Fighter

It's amazing how fast everything is moving at the minute. I've got more writing published, more commentating gigs upcoming and the blog is fast becoming something I'm really proud of.

When I was asked about interviewing Jesse Taylor I was both honoured and excited. It's crazy that after only 12 months of writing and get involved with mma that I'm getting the opportunity to talk to fighters who I've watched and followed on television and on the internet.

It was 1am and freezing cold when I called Jesse, who was on a warm beach after training, and having the chance to interview him was easily one of the highlights of my relatively short journalistic career. It struck me when he talked about the nomad life style and about travelling all over the world to challenge himself against other fighters that this was the reason I got interested in mma, simply because it was so much like the video games that I loved and played. I look back at Street Fighter 2, King of the Fighters and Fatal Fury and realise that more than the gameplay, I loved the idea that these fighters travelled the globe searching for challengers.

Jesse Taylor Interview

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and check out the above link to read about Jesse Taylor's upcoming fight with Tom "Kong" Watson at MFC 26 on September 10th.

Until next time; take care.

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