Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The big three one

Hey all,

As you may or may not know today was my 31st birthday so I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has extended a kind wish, a nice word or a large cheesecake on this special day.

It's been all kinds of fun from bell to bell so I thought it only proper to give you good people a run down of just how it played out.

This morning I got up at a normal hour, randomly, despite having the day off work and began planning how to best tackle this cheesecake that my lovely girlfriend had made for me.

I opted for the big fork method and, along with a cup of tea, it seemed to all make perfect sense.

Today was the day I was getting the initial part of my next tattoo done, once again thanks to my lovely girlfriend (she gets quite a few mentions today) and a lot of the morning was spent waiting for the numbing cream that turned up too late at the wrong address.

Still I'm probably better for it now and, after an hour of strangely relaxing yet mildly uncomfortable scratching it was time to go somewhere else.

We chose Newcastle and I proceeded to spunk, what I thought would be a load of money, in a big sweetshop. Alison had, cleverly, rigged the bag in a Macguyver style so we ended up paying £2 for about £5's worth of sweets which was win.

Bitches eh? Sneaky from the outset I tells ya!

After all the sweets I could muster we then, randomly, went to Sports Direct and I bought a Japanese Captain America wallet. Random but cool as fuck. I can only hope the writing doesn't say something like Captain America is a Democrat Cocksucker.

After driving home to change we then went out for what was easily the nicest meal I've had all year from this lovely restaurant on the Marina outside Burton.

It was pretty lush Thai food and, as I contemplated the day gone by, I was filled with a rich sense of warmth and accomplishment all at once. I'm happy beyond belief at the minute and today has really made me see that.

I stopped on the way home to see my mother who gave me my present, a 1tb external hard drive and even that's probably not enough for My E-Books, and to have a nice cup of tea.

Civilised in a lot of respects.

Now I'm at home and, following much cutting, copying and pasting, I sit on my sofa in a Wanderlei Silva wife beater vest with a cup of tea about to hit the hay.

The point of this?

To say thanks to everyone who took time from their days to wish me a happy birthday. I had so many posts on Facebook and Twitter that it really hit home 1) How nice you people are and 2) How many fucking bad ass fighters I know. Strangely comforting in a lot of respects.

Thanks very much for the time people and I will speak to you soon.

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