Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fight UK Amateur Championships 3 - Super Pang

It's a testament to just how much Super Pang I'm playing at the moment that I've not written about what was a cracking night of scraps over at Fight UK last Saturday

Myself, the dangerous one and Jon Hand jumped in the car and hit the A roads before we got to the Hermitage Centre which looked like a cross between Biker Grove and Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

Ali and Dave met us inside the venue as we parked up and sampled the local delights that included bottled water and Mentos. (Disclaimer: These may not actually be made in Loughborough)

The fights were belting and Sledge easily made the best impromptu nickname I've ever heard as he announced Lukasz Klinger as Corporal. And they say suicide is painless.

Full Report here btw!

Anyhow lets take a stroll down bullet point lane.
  • Summer's finished hasn't it. Rubbish. 8 warm days and I was away for those so I missed them all. That being said I've only ever finished a show to walk to my car in the light which was in Northampton where everyone got finished in the first round and I was home for 10. Easy night's judging that.
  • Carl Booth's ground and pound is heavy sounding. It was like that scene in Jurassic Park on our table and he was across the cage as well. That guy will be fun to watch now he's turning pro.
  • Patrick McDonald vs. Awesome Arvis Anderson (Triple A for short) was one of the most entertaining scraps I've seen in a long while. It may have not gone two minutes but both stood and swung like the proverbial garden gates.
  • Liam Corrigan's walk out to "The Game" by Motorhead was spoiled only by the fact he didn't flex then spit water. Next time gadget. The dude's impressive tho.
  • Miss your first flying knee? Throw another two straight afterwards which also both miss. #heavyweightlogic
  • There's some fun fights to be had at semi pro but it's harder to judge. In a three minute round less stuff happens and rule sets are very restrictive. If you can judge ammy well then you're well on your way.
  • Also you should really remember who helped you up the ladder as, when you fall down, they won't help you if you fucking stepped on them.
There's usually a clever (ish) link at this point as to how certain bits of the evening reminded me of a certain video. Yeah not this time. I'm just playing a load of Super Pang. It's all I can think of. So addictive.

It's so simple and well put together and the engine works so well that it can only result in fun. It's the team that makes it so fun and effective somehow.

Actually that sort of counts.

Time to call it a night
Big few days
Take care
Love always


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