Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Cage Control 3 - Review and Reflections

It's been quite the year for Spartan MMA founders Andy Molyneux and Doug Wildman and they looked to cap off a great 2010 with Cage Control 3 from Shrewsbury Sports Village on December 11th.

The promotion has enjoyed two great events so far and the Spartans were, as always, out in force for a great night of fights and the return of some talented prospects.

Semi Pro Bout
Nicky Bradley vs. Jeff Philpot

Nicky Bradley wasted no time in this encounter as he set the pace early with some aggressive striking.

Philpot did well initially but, once the fight hit the floor, was quickly in trouble and Bradley locked on a textbook triangle choke. Philpot fought bravely but in the end was unable to escape and was forced to tap after just forty five seconds of the opening round

Semi Pro Bout

Alister Hawke vs. Rob Slawson

Alister Hawke came out very sharp against Rob Slawson but ran into a barrage of strikes that soon had him retreating. Slawson looked the more likely to score the knockout and took the fight to his game opponent with huge sweeping strikes. It quickly turned into a wild affair and, although Hawke did well to survive, he was marked up quite severely.

It was testament to the heart of the young Spartan that he found a way to get back into this fight as, once the fight hit the floor again, it was clear this his opponent had little to offer him. Hawke took his time and, once on top, secured an armbar that netted him a hard earned victory in the second round.

Semi Pro Bout
Jess Offermans vs. Kate Jackson

Returning heroine Jess Offermans bought massive support to the cage but was clearly giving up a sizable amount of reach to Kate Jackson. It was all academic, however, as the two clinched early and Jackson began applying pressure.

It was somewhat of a chess game on the ground but Jackson seemed to have more answers than her opponent. Offermans did well to keep working but her foe took her back and, with just one second left on the clock, locked in a tight rear naked choke for a well deserved submission victory.

Semi Pro Bout
Scott Jones vs. Xander Davies

In one of the more one sided fights on the card it was Scott Jones who came out looking to finish his fight early but Davies showed heart and chin in equal measures.

Jones was relentless in his assault throughout the first round and did not repent in the second where he left referee Neil Hall no choice but to call a halt to the proceedings. Jones looked solid for this weight and showed good conditioning to push the pace continually.

Semi Pro Bout
Ste Molyneux vs. Keiran Beatie

It was a very technical display from both Beatie and Molyneux in this bout as the two exchanged strikes and positions throughout a very entertaining first round.

Beatie, a product of UFC veteran Paul Taylor's MMA, showed incredibly crisp striking and in the second round put the fight beyond doubt with some lethal work from guard.

Molyneux fought gamely throughout but Beatie worked well for an armbar and elicited the tap midway through the second stanza. Beatie looked incredibly sharp in this bout and surely will look to build on this success in the future.

Semi Pro Bout
Danny Suter vs. Ben Braund

Danny Suter certainly wasn't wasting any time in his bout as he overwhelmed Ben Braund from the outset with ferocious strikes. Braund struggled to get any offence going at all as Suter dropped him with a reaping shot then proceeded to apply enough pressure to force a good stoppage. It was a very explosive debut from Suter who made his intentions clear with a great debut performance.

Semi Pro Bout
Pete Richardson vs. Ben Kerr

Pete Richardson came into this bout with a clear gameplan which, to his credit, he executed flawlessly. Kerr came forward at the start but Richardson closed the distance and looked to have the fight finished early with a guillotine which he transitioned into a great takedown.

Kerr was not finished yet but Richardson put the bout beyond doubt as he locked on the choke tighter and forced a first round submission after a little over thirty seconds of the first round.

Semi Pro Bout
Dave Llewellyn vs. Ben Callum

Ben Callum is shaping up to be a real force at heavyweight and he put on an impressive performance against Dave Llewellyn. He moved forward constantly and mixed up strikes and levels very well as he landed often throughout the first round.

Llewellyn offered some sharp looking kicks but Callum was not to be stopped and, late in the first, he landed a body shot that quickly dropped his foe to the canvas in agony. It was another great performance from Callum who showed ever improving striking and he remains a difficult ask for anyone at heavyweight.

Semi Pro Bout
Anthony Davies vs. Ross Houston

The main event of the evening saw Ross Houston meet powerhouse Anthony Davies in a very entertaining bout. Houston looked the sharper fighter initially and used a few strikes to set up a nice double leg takedown. Davies stayed calm on the bottom but Houston looked to work from the top position.

Referee Neil Hall made the decision to stand the fighters back up from the bottom but Houston, undaunted, simply repeated the procedure. That was the story of the first round and, indeed, much of the second.

Houston was deducted a point for an illegal elbow in the second round but he remained in top and in control. Davies took his time and, mid way into the round, exploded from the bottom and pounced on his foe's back. Houston defended initially but Davies was not to be thwarted and locked on the rear naked choke for a great victory.


At this point I could write paragraphs of angry diatribe about the few fans who turned up and were abusive, aggressive and nearly ruined the evening with their displays of thuggery but there's simply no point. These cretins don't deserve a single word on this blog and I'm sure that more steps will be taken to prevent such occurrences in future.

It's amazing to think that in a year Spartan MMA have put three shows on, opened their doors full time and have a stable of fighters who are active and competitive all over the country. It just goes to show that hard work does pay off and that the Spartan advance in 2011 is set to carry on with increased vigor and momentum.

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