Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wrestlefest - NOTG11 & Lockdown FC 3

Another two shows this past weekend as 300 miles, a load of debates about Hendo's H Bomb, a tasty muffin and some great fights happened in a very short stretch.

Night of the Gladiators 11 - Saturday 21st April - Hanley
  • Short on fights but big on entertainment. Good wins for the lads from UTC, Next Gen and Team Colosseum. Nice to see the bigger gyms making the trek to Stoke.
  • Dean Garnett proved once again that, with good wrestling, you can set anything up you want to.It's bread and butter and it contributed to a great victory for Garnett above his natural weight class. Those elbows looked brutal.
  • On that note I'm sorry for constantly saying Garett in commentary. Fuck those fliers.
  • Noisy fans were well behaved. Good stuff.
  • Ant Bailey does indeed look like a marginally more portly BJ Penn. Good scrap though to beat that specimen that Team Colosseum bought down.
  • It's nice finishing an mma show and walking home. Simple things :)
Lockdown FC 3 - Sunday 22nd April - Hatfield
  • Chokes you can tough out. Long drives home you can tough out. A heel hook you shouldn't try and tough out. Seriously that was some ligament stretching nonsense.
  • Marco Antonio's KO punch was one of the most inadvertently funny shots I've ever seen. It was a textbook right and there was something golden about how his opponent sprung up full of life and energy to be sat right down.
  • Mounted Triangle victory in Semi Pro No Headshots? Clever, very clever.
  • Good friends and good conversation make a long drive seem very short.
  • Mark Handley's leopard print thong LMFAO entrance was pretty sick. It was the way he had to walk down stairs to get to the cage that made it a bit surreal though. He looked like he'd just got out the bathroom.
  • If a guy hits you with three straight left hooks, odds are he'll try a fourth.
Why Wrestlefest?

It's simply not because I'm trying to one-credit it at the minute it's simply the fact that this weekend reminded me that, at any level of the game, wrestling is so overpowered.

If basic mma skills were Street Fighter characters:

Stand Up - Zangief - Deadly in the right hands but can appear very laboured.
BJJ - Guile - Originally the best but the years haven't been kind.
Wrestling - Ryu - There are practically no situations that you can't inflict pain in or set up something brutal.

A good Ryu will beat a good Guile or a good Zangief any day of the week.

Also I bought some chinos and a cardigan today so I'm pretty sure I've turned into a bad guy from a 1980's martial arts film.

On that note it's time to hit the hay
Speak soon
Take Care

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Double Dragon 2 - UCMMA 27 & CWFN 5

Another double header this time as a break in this pretty crazy schedule affords me the time to record a hectic few weeks.

The Cage Warriors trip home was suitably titanic as I got a coach, two planes, two trains and then walked a mile and a half to my front door. I slept for 13.5 hours on Friday night though so I think I'm over it now.

April 7th - UCMMA 27

Down to London for some UCMMA goodness a few Saturdays back and a card that wasn't rammed full of huge names ended up being one of the most exciting events I've seen for a long time.
  • Easy night for the judges huh? Some huge finishes and massive knockouts which is always good for the fans
  • Max Nunes needs a big fight. That guy could be the next big UK guy at LHW. He's got all the tools for sure.
  • If you walk out to the Pride music then you have to realise the implications. You better go like Wandy when the bell rings.
  • Bola Omoyele is indeed for real. The winner of Facey vs. Bostwick needs to step up to that man.
  • Arnold Allen may need some kind of Unleash the New Allen video.
  • Hotelling it was pretty sweet as well and driving down and driving home at a regular speed was both financially rewarding and quite relaxing.

April 12th - Cage Warriors Fight Night 5

Off to Amman, Jordan this week to judge for Cage Warriors as Fight Night 5 took to the airwaves on with an immensely deep card. It was, once again, a pleasure and an honour to judge such amazing bouts.

  • I really could mooch in hotel receptions for a living. Every night I planned to go to bed at a reasonable hour and every night I ended up chilling out till 4 am drinking tea on those comfortable sofas and hanging out. Awesomes.
  • Pavel Kusch is a bad man. They real do breed em tough out there in the Ukraine. Sick leg locks.
  • There was some real pro wrestling style heat between DJ Linderman and Mike Hayes. A serious simmering four horsemen style promo incoming I think.
  • Liam James has a block of concrete for a head. I've not seen anyone take shots like that before and continue to come forward undaunted.
  • Business class on a small plane means a free cake and a cup of tea. This was immense.
  • Refs don't get enough credit when they do something right. Another solid night in charge by Neil Hall and Rich Mitchell.
  • Another good showing for the GYM01 savages. Brum looked like a mini Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap and brutalized his foe throughout while Mike Ling dropped some nasty looking elbows from the top. I winced when one of them hit as it made a huge noise.
  • That Fisherman's platter I had from TGI's in the mall nearly finished me off. Looked like the season finale of Deadliest Catch.

That just about rounds it up for a little while anyhow. I'll be back in the saddle again next week as I do Night of the Gladiators on Saturday and Lockdown FC on Sunday so expect a similar update.

I'd call it Double Dragon 3 but I recall that game being garbage.

Anyhow till next time, take care of yourselves. I'm off to grab some lunch.