Sunday, 30 September 2012


You don't really need a lot of words when a picture holds a waterfall of memories.

If life is a treasure hunt then these pages are my map somehow.

I always said instruction manuals were for people who were scared of getting electrocuted.

Guess I was wrong.

Speak soon
Take Care

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fight UK Amateur Championships 3 - Super Pang

It's a testament to just how much Super Pang I'm playing at the moment that I've not written about what was a cracking night of scraps over at Fight UK last Saturday

Myself, the dangerous one and Jon Hand jumped in the car and hit the A roads before we got to the Hermitage Centre which looked like a cross between Biker Grove and Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

Ali and Dave met us inside the venue as we parked up and sampled the local delights that included bottled water and Mentos. (Disclaimer: These may not actually be made in Loughborough)

The fights were belting and Sledge easily made the best impromptu nickname I've ever heard as he announced Lukasz Klinger as Corporal. And they say suicide is painless.

Full Report here btw!

Anyhow lets take a stroll down bullet point lane.
  • Summer's finished hasn't it. Rubbish. 8 warm days and I was away for those so I missed them all. That being said I've only ever finished a show to walk to my car in the light which was in Northampton where everyone got finished in the first round and I was home for 10. Easy night's judging that.
  • Carl Booth's ground and pound is heavy sounding. It was like that scene in Jurassic Park on our table and he was across the cage as well. That guy will be fun to watch now he's turning pro.
  • Patrick McDonald vs. Awesome Arvis Anderson (Triple A for short) was one of the most entertaining scraps I've seen in a long while. It may have not gone two minutes but both stood and swung like the proverbial garden gates.
  • Liam Corrigan's walk out to "The Game" by Motorhead was spoiled only by the fact he didn't flex then spit water. Next time gadget. The dude's impressive tho.
  • Miss your first flying knee? Throw another two straight afterwards which also both miss. #heavyweightlogic
  • There's some fun fights to be had at semi pro but it's harder to judge. In a three minute round less stuff happens and rule sets are very restrictive. If you can judge ammy well then you're well on your way.
  • Also you should really remember who helped you up the ladder as, when you fall down, they won't help you if you fucking stepped on them.
There's usually a clever (ish) link at this point as to how certain bits of the evening reminded me of a certain video. Yeah not this time. I'm just playing a load of Super Pang. It's all I can think of. So addictive.

It's so simple and well put together and the engine works so well that it can only result in fun. It's the team that makes it so fun and effective somehow.

Actually that sort of counts.

Time to call it a night
Big few days
Take care
Love always


Saturday, 8 September 2012

CWFN 7 - Killer Instinct

It's harder to find the words that don't make me sound like I'm taking this for granted every time I write something about yet another crazy Cage Warriors adventure.

I always end up sounding insincere in my head but on a very serious level every time I get details of the flights at work I can't focus.

Every time I see another fight announced I wonder how it'll pan out and if it'll be a tough one to judge and every time I get off a plane in a crazy country I can't wait to talk to a team of people who make the middle of nowhere seem like home somehow.

It's hard to put into words. It's like the way I wanted being in a band to feel like when I was 19. Anyhow this has got a bit misty eyed somehow. You good people want the scoop right? Here goes nothing:

  • Crowds are crazy in Jordan. Seriously amazing from bell to bell and got involved with every single fight that happened.
  • Walk out with a Jordanian Flag ala Brum and Ling = Polite applause.
  • Beat a hometown favourite then mount the cage and break out some Thiago Silva throat slash to all his fans = Massive heat.
  • Bahari's a monster but then you already knew that. Chillingly efficient against a crazily durable Ptasinski in a cracking fight that I knew at the start when they announced it. Team Hellboy's got to be an amazingly pain filled place to train. Scandinavian monsters everywhere. At least they probably listen to death metal.
  • Jim Alers is mad talented. That lateral drop throw he hit was one of the most beautifully timed takedowns I've ever seen. Rich Mitchell, spectating at ring side between reffing bouts, stood up and clapped like he'd just seen Sakuraba go past on a unicycle.
  • Chris Fields, in shape, is a horrible fight for any middleweight. Kusch's conditioning may have been a little more Chris Moyles than Kriss Akabusi but he couldn't put Fields away even when he got a limb. 
  • Props to John Kavanagh for some of the best cornerwork I've ever heard as he coached Fields through the tough situations before yelling "He's fucked Chris, he's fucked."
  • Business class is like another world. It felt like being part of a secret society that nobody else knows about. I drank so much Diet Coke I got a migraine. I don't even like it normally.
  • Running through the airport to see Alison was amazing. Like film amazing. I nearly fell over as well. It's my feet I think. I'm a bit unwieldy sometimes.
One of the best things about videogames is how they take you places straight away without you even realising it. One of the best feelings I get playing games is still that flick of ruby light when my SNES powers up and I steel myself for whatever challenge is upcoming.

It'd be easy for me to half heartedly link a game to this event but Killer Instinct was the first game I played after I finished my last GCSE. I got home from school and walked to the bus station before jumping on the 6A. I looked out the window at a gloriously sunny day before I got home and sat down on my bed and turned the SNES on.

For that split second it's like there was nothing else. My life stretched ahead of me in a way that I'd never felt before and every time I hear the start of that game I always remember what it was like to stare down that seemingly never ending road. Killer Instinct was special in the same kind of way that this event was special.

It's not every day that hotel in the Middle East feels like home but from the second I got there to the morning I left it just felt perfect. Everyone who talked to me, hung out with me, drank tea with me or chatted about anything made the whole experience perfect.

If this is what I'm meant to do with my life then it feels perfect.

If it isn't then when the right thing comes along; I can only imagine how era defining it will have to be to top what I feel right now.

Take care
Speak soon
Big stuff happening this month
Go buy Fighters Only for me as well