Friday, 27 July 2012

Cage Warriors 48 - Parodius

Holy crap has it been busy this week.

My 9-5 has gone full SS and I'm now forced to railroad these unemployed brigands into a training course that they 1) Don't need 2) Don't want to do and 3) Won't attend.

That's another story for another day though. This week has all been about the countdown to my yearly pilgrimage to Llandudno with my lovely girlfriend. Before I depart though, I thought I'd bullet point you straight in the mouth without so much as a second thought.

  • Driving down a motorway to a soundtrack of Outrun, Super Hang On and Sega Rally is both dangerous and enjoyable. Take care kids.
  • Cage Warriors was, as I've come to expect, amazingly well organised and it was good to see the usual selection of suspects for chit chat and organised violence.
  • Piotr Ptasinski showcased some of the more crisp yet unique striking I've seen for a long time. The fight's here; well done that man.
  • Kris Edwards looks like a fucking bundle of fun at 125 lbs. I can see him giving a lot of people headaches down the line.
  • Paul Rimmer does indeed look like a cross between Santa Claus and Fedor. It's no wonder there's so many monsters up at Next Generation. Imagine that dude coming down your chimney.
  • Speaking of Next Gen; Danny Roberts impressed me more than anyone else on the card with his performance against a very tough Jack Mason. If he continues onwards in this fashion he could easily make the big show and make a lot of noise along the way.
  • John Phillips getting kicked in the face and then nodding as if to say, "good shot that," was one the craziest things I've seen in a very long time. That dude ain't wired right.
  • Chris Fields walking out to Jailbreak always works. That's timeless. Unlucky to come up short in that bout as well. I've no doubt he'll bounce back.

Did you ever play Parodius?

It's proof, if proof were needed, that the the Japanese video gaming industry falls squarely on both sides of the line between genius and insanity. I can't begin to sum it up so here's a video.

It's insane.

You know what else is insane?

John "The Welsh Aoki" Phillips and his run of submissions. Where the fuck has this come from?

It's obviously down to the years of hard graft he's put in with Chris Rees but seriously you've got to take your hat off to a man who, before his last two fights, had one submission win on his record and it was a tap to strikes.

He's probably been fucking with us this whole time. He could have hit Frank Trigg with a rolling gogoplata or some crazy shit you've never heard of but he probably didn't want to make him look like an idiot. He'll probably sub Pavel Kusch and then quit mma to train for the ADCC or something like that. 

Not got a show for a few weeks now so I'll be away from these fair pages for a while but, if you see me around, then please be sure to say hello. I may not have my now trademarked croquet hoop moustache at the minute due to another facial hair based project but I'm still every bit as approachable.

Take care

Monday, 16 July 2012

Shock and Awe 11 - Outrun Europa

Big old drive eh?

406 miles return to be precise but my love of the ritual that is the Sunday all you can eat Chinese fuelled my workmanlike attitude to get to bed at 3am and up at 11am.

I ended up going to the Golden Orient in Stafford, upmarket I know, and I'd definitely recommend it.

Anyhow you're not reading this to hear about my tales of Duck and Hoi Sin pancakes and Black Bean Chicken I imagine. You good people are here for the bullet points right?
  •  It's been raining a bit ain't it? It's a bid unnerving arriving in a coastal town in a monsoon. 
  • Good standard of scraps on the semi pro protion of the card. I've come to expect it from Shock n Awe to be honest. 
  • Martin Avery vs. Damien Weeden was perhaps the most ridiculously entertaining K1 bout I've called in a very long time. Those guys threw down like it was going out of fashion. 
  • Good to see that guy who shouted at me from Silverback Submissions at Into the Cage not being so vocal. He wasn't happy with the call in the Harry Fox fight in Andover and he's clearly instilled a 'never leave it in the hands of the judges' ethos in his guys. They didn't. They both got finished.
  • Luke Killick's a unit. Yet another monster from Gym 01. I bet sparring with that guy's becoming more and more like hard work every day.
  • Karl Harrison's elbows from the top were brutal. I was impressed that I didn't get bled on though, considering how close I was to the incident. That cut was nasty btw. Looked like the eye of fucking Sauron.
  • Alexei Roberts flash KO'd his way to the title. Impressive. Very impressive. It was a walk off KO as well which is always so much cooler. I'll be the first to say I underestimated that guy. 7-2 and looking better all the time.
  • Davey Grant came into hostile territory and took the title against a big favourite in James Pennington. There's no doubt that both guys will go on to bigger and better things but Grant opened a lot of eyes with a performance like that on Pennington's turf.
  • Great hospitality and good to work with another commentator for the first time in CWFC's own John Gooden. Worked out very well but you're never quite ready for a man in a bow tie breaking out the term "spitting the lyrics." Good fun.

Ever play Outrun Europa?

Soundtrack was bad ass.

Most overlooked game in that franchise. Probably because US Gold did it and it didn't involve a girl or a Ferrarri for the most part. 

Anyhow, your mission is to track down some evil criminal types in a plethora of stolen vehicles. Here's the thing. There's no feeling I can relate in gaming like the sinking feeling I got when you get stopped by the police in Outrun Europa. If they stopped in front of you then you lost. It was heartbreaking if you were on an amazing time as well which always seemed to be the case.

I got the very same feeling driving home at 2am when pulled over by the fuzz. Luckily enough they were on the way to another gig and I got away with a telling off and nothing more.  Fucking Sat Nav. Lesson learned.

Cage Warriors this Saturday.

See you soon

    Monday, 2 July 2012

    Fight UK 7 - Dynamite Headdy

    I should have done this a while back as Fight UK 7 actually took place on June 23rd but a hectic schedule, my quest to complete Super Castlevania 4 on one credit and my growing addiction to French bread got in the way.

    Still we're here now and it's nice to be able to recount what was another cracking event put on by the Fight UK team. The welcome was warm as always and the fights, as I've come to expect, were well matched and very enjoyable.

    Here's what I learned from watching Fight UK last week:
    • Jefferson George is a trooper. Carl Booth laid down the hammer at the end of the second but Jefferson rocked him on the feet and showed some great grappling. Both guys have a great future and a really nice show of respect from George's corner team throughout. That was an awesome fight to call and a tough one to score. A worthy title fight.
    • Wez Murch shouting "knee her in the arse" nearly made me fall off my chair laughing. I had some work to pull that back on commentary.
    • Saul Rogers is a problem. A legit problem for a lot of people. Brutal ground and pound and some really fluid transitional work against a very tough Martin Sheridan. That guy's got an awful lot of potential and if he keeps travelling to Tristar to train and improving at the rate he has done? The big show surely beckons.
    • The best fans I've seen in ages sang the start to this gem and then replaced the next bit with either "Mi-Key Ha-Ven, Shaney Flaherty and, my favourite, T-Rex Tommy for Tom Culhay". That was bad ass.
    • Charles Libor's a bit good. Dude should take this shit seriously. People would sit up and take notice.
    • Paul Ramos retired after losing a one sided fight to Dean Truman. I've called a few of Paul's fights over the years and I'm glad he's calling it a day on his own terms. He's a nice guy and was GPUK champion for a while. He had some great scraps on Ross's shows and even took out Craig Allen in a bout that I turned into a humerous video.
    • Singh's do indeed not tap.
    • Max Cotton reminded me of a young Paul Roma without the juiced up mullet. Dude's a specimen and his wrestling's come on quite a way.


    Did you ever play Dynamite Headdy?

    It was bad ass. 

    You played a guy with an extendable neck who crashed headfirst into things.

    I'm not for one second suggesting any kind of head butt happened here or anything illegal for that matter but the way that Dave Cook ran at James Till at the start of their fight was crazy beyond belief.

    Cook had some shorts on with a picture of a bulldog in a superman pose, awesome already, that said something like Bulldog Spirit on the back.

    It looked like an EDL Meeting held at Jim Davidson's house.

    Anyhow he ran forward with his hands by his waist and got hit in the face a lot before copping an illegal knee that was as unfortunate as it was entertaining somehow as he Ric Flaired his way across the cage. These things do happen in this sport but if you can't laugh at them then you probably don't enjoy what it is your doing. It's easy for me to say by the way; I'm not good at getting hit in the face. Power to both guys for getting in there.

    Shock and Awe next then Cage Warriors the week after.


    Take Care