Friday, 28 October 2011

Always moving forward, forever looking back

I doubt Mr. David Buck had any idea just how visionary those lines were.

It's been a while since I composed my thoughts in this maelstrom that is writing/drinking tea/teaching and, quite honestly, Warcraft.

I seem to live life remembering everything that was once great but this week I sat and took stock of everything and realised that, for once, I'm in a pretty awesome place.

Playing computer games in a warm house while it's raining outside with plentiful supplies of tea/toast and other such amenities. Spending the time to conceptualize the stuff I write better and being even more proud of it all with every article and interview. This shit's the dream and every single day I wake up and realise I'm living it.

Will this situation last forever?

Nothing does but for the time that getting up when I wake up and writing about what I enjoy writing about is my life then I'm not going to waste time thinking about what was great in the past because the present's pretty damn perfect.

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