Saturday, 24 December 2011

Next time Gadget

The clutch cable went as I was driving my lovely girlfriend and I for our usual pilgrimage to the service station for a Christmas Eve of tea, toast and gambling this evening.

We sat in the rain and waited for the RAC man to turn up who did, after about an hour, and proceeded to Macguyver that shit with a cable tie.

That got me thinking, as we drove home, how much I've taken for granted how happy I am at the minute. Writing/commentating/judging and all other things MMA are truly really exciting for next year with my diary already filling up quickly.

It's been an insane 2011 that's taken me to 34 mma shows and to Sweden twice to commentate a boat load of fights for Superior Challenge.

I kinda sleep, play videogames, drink tea, train, teach a little and write about MMA.

This, for as long as it lasts, is the dream.

Yesterday I played about four hours of F-Zero only stopping when I ran out of tea.

There really is nothing I need to fix at the minute.


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