Sunday, 18 March 2012

CWFN 4 - Tank Command

It's time for yet another show wrap up written from the comfort of my surprisingly comfy floor.

I was picked up early this morning from Manchester Airport by my lovely girlfriend after a through the night flight from Abu Dhabi.

Cage Warriors Fight Night 4 in Dubai was a spectacular event with some truly insane finishes. There was just about everything you could wish for from a live show and chilling by the pool, catching some rays and listening to Copeland before the event was pure serenity.

Amazing opportunity once again and, in true North Star fashion, it's time to relive the highlights via the medium of the bullet point.
  • Judging is amazing because there's nothing else but the fight. In an arena of screaming fans it's incredible how you hear none of them once the fight starts and the mental scoring calculations begin.
  • I knew this show was going to be sick when the hotel porter asked me if Bret Hart was wrestling on the card.
  • Sheila Gaff is probably the most dangerous woman I've ever walked past in a buffet. She made double denim look downright deadly and yet in her post fight interview she sounded so unassuming. It's crazy how people have switches like that.
  • Assan Njie is the real deal. Another CW guy you'll probably see graduating to the big show within too long. Way, way too talented.
  • It's cheaper in Dubai than you'd think. It was only 80p for a Toblerone and 9 quid for a pair of Randy Savage looking sunglasses.
  • Watching a film about a bacterial disease epidemic on a crowded plane is one of the stupidest things I've done in a while.
  • I played a shit load of Sunset Riders on my DS emulated to a SNES. Loads harder than I remember.

Why Tank Command?

That game was brutal.

Tanks are brutal.

Sheila "The German Tank" Gaff is brutal

Speak soon


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