Sunday, 15 April 2012

Double Dragon 2 - UCMMA 27 & CWFN 5

Another double header this time as a break in this pretty crazy schedule affords me the time to record a hectic few weeks.

The Cage Warriors trip home was suitably titanic as I got a coach, two planes, two trains and then walked a mile and a half to my front door. I slept for 13.5 hours on Friday night though so I think I'm over it now.

April 7th - UCMMA 27

Down to London for some UCMMA goodness a few Saturdays back and a card that wasn't rammed full of huge names ended up being one of the most exciting events I've seen for a long time.
  • Easy night for the judges huh? Some huge finishes and massive knockouts which is always good for the fans
  • Max Nunes needs a big fight. That guy could be the next big UK guy at LHW. He's got all the tools for sure.
  • If you walk out to the Pride music then you have to realise the implications. You better go like Wandy when the bell rings.
  • Bola Omoyele is indeed for real. The winner of Facey vs. Bostwick needs to step up to that man.
  • Arnold Allen may need some kind of Unleash the New Allen video.
  • Hotelling it was pretty sweet as well and driving down and driving home at a regular speed was both financially rewarding and quite relaxing.

April 12th - Cage Warriors Fight Night 5

Off to Amman, Jordan this week to judge for Cage Warriors as Fight Night 5 took to the airwaves on with an immensely deep card. It was, once again, a pleasure and an honour to judge such amazing bouts.

  • I really could mooch in hotel receptions for a living. Every night I planned to go to bed at a reasonable hour and every night I ended up chilling out till 4 am drinking tea on those comfortable sofas and hanging out. Awesomes.
  • Pavel Kusch is a bad man. They real do breed em tough out there in the Ukraine. Sick leg locks.
  • There was some real pro wrestling style heat between DJ Linderman and Mike Hayes. A serious simmering four horsemen style promo incoming I think.
  • Liam James has a block of concrete for a head. I've not seen anyone take shots like that before and continue to come forward undaunted.
  • Business class on a small plane means a free cake and a cup of tea. This was immense.
  • Refs don't get enough credit when they do something right. Another solid night in charge by Neil Hall and Rich Mitchell.
  • Another good showing for the GYM01 savages. Brum looked like a mini Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap and brutalized his foe throughout while Mike Ling dropped some nasty looking elbows from the top. I winced when one of them hit as it made a huge noise.
  • That Fisherman's platter I had from TGI's in the mall nearly finished me off. Looked like the season finale of Deadliest Catch.

That just about rounds it up for a little while anyhow. I'll be back in the saddle again next week as I do Night of the Gladiators on Saturday and Lockdown FC on Sunday so expect a similar update.

I'd call it Double Dragon 3 but I recall that game being garbage.

Anyhow till next time, take care of yourselves. I'm off to grab some lunch.


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