Monday, 28 May 2012

Mutant Fighter - CWFN6 & UCMMA 28

This may very well be the most miles I've covered in a single weekend and that's saying something.

Last week's crazy schedule went something like this.

Mon: Work
Tue: Work - Fly to Abu Dhabi
Wed: Fly to Bahrain, Arrive 9am
Thurs: Judge Cage Warriors
Fri: Fly to Abu Dhabi
Sat: Fly to Manchester, Arrive 7am, Drive to London, Call UCMMA 28.
Sun: Drive to Star City. Win Teddy Bear on grabbing machine for Alison.

The best part is that, this weekend, I get to go on another Cage Warriors adventure as I fly to Ireland to judge yet another stacked card but, without any further delay, lets bullet point this bitch.

Cage Warriors Fight Night 6 - Bahrain - Thursday 24th May

  • Most obvious but yet endearing comment of the trip? "It's hot here isn't it." It's in a desert, in a heatwave at 1pm. Yeah it's hot. 
  • Jesse Taylor looked like one of the biggest welterweights I've ever seen. Grimaud did very well to survive and even more well to get the win.
  • Eddy Bengtsson's submission looked like a flattened out version of the Coconut Crush, 2:35 on that video, from where I was sitting. 
  • If you don't know who you're going to be rooming with. Always open up with an offer of a cup of tea. It's usually always plain sailing after that.
  • On that note a big shout out to Rich Mitchell who cracked me up throughout the trip. The dude's good people.
  • John Phillips via Triangle? You would have had my fucking house on that one.
UCMMA 28 - London - Saturday 28th May
  • Makunga Bunduku, although a beast, needs to drop that John Cena nonsense. Not to say I wasn't impressed though.
  • Jake Bostwick may very well have some of the most clubbing knockout power I've ever seen. Last two times I've seen him he's flatlined someone.
  • Ben Callum and Luke Barnatt are both big show material. I'll be very surprised if you don't see a lot more of them in the future.
  • Very exciting night of fights throughout. Great work from the UCMMA team who, as always, made Alison and myself very welcome.
  • Tony Giles may well have knockout power but the dude wants no part of Louis King stood up. Nobody does. That's a fact, Jack.
  • Danny Lawson vs. Brendon Katz was a cracking scrap. My fight of the night I think.
Why Mutant Fighter?

Seriously watch UCMMA this Wednesday. Watch Galore Bofando's fight and then tell me if you've ever seen anything like it before. The dude has some of the craziest agility, flexibility and balance I've EVER seen. I promise you that you'll be in awe. That dude ain't human.

I'm off to play some Super Hang On but I'll no doubt be in touch very soon.
Take care

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