Friday, 24 August 2012

UCMMA 29 - The King of Fighters

Hey ho,

It's a testament to just how busy I've been of late that I've only just had time to recollect my thoughts after one of the best card of fights I can remember for a long while at UCMMA 29.

It was the most entertaining night's mma I've ever commentated.

Ok there I said it. I legitimately mean it as well. Here's the deal with UCMMA that people just don't seem to get.

The white suit, the crazy one liners, the stupid facial hair and that unique Troxy atmosphere are EVERYTHING that makes that show more fun than I've got the words for. You've got to look at the big picture. It's fucking entertaining for a million reasons. You've got to take a step down from which ever tall animal you're sitting on and take it for what it is. An amazingly fun mma experience. If you're going to highbrow me and say you don't like X,Y or Z about it then you miss the point and, quite frankly, you're probably a complete cahnt.

Bullet points bitches?

  • Sean Carter. Wow. What a crazy bastard. The dude may have gotten rocked more times than Gibraltar but he's got the heart and chin that make me want to watch. Tough bastard with good finishing instincts.  One to keep an eye on.
  • Linton's probably ready for a shot at the big show I reckon. Maybe if he beats Moran at OMMAC it'll happen. He's a unit as well and there aren't many with his level of top control.
  • Max Nunes vs. Iain Martell was a great fight. Props to both guys for stepping up and putting on a decent scrap. Nunes is legit.
  • Ben Callum hits like a train. I always knew that but he's not lost any of his power of late. Dude touches anyone on the chin and it's an early night. 
  • There's a sign by the toaster at the hotel that says "Don't put Croissants in the Toaster" - Wow.
  • MVP broke out some Apollo Creed shit again. That guy's insane.


It's about MVP. It was always going to be. I've called a shit load of fights but I've never seen anything like what that man can do. So many people give him loads of grief but his timing is some of the best I've ever seen in my entire life. It's everything with that guy I swear. I don't understand how he does what he does but I love that he does them. Watch this. It makes sense.

Off to Jordan in a bit for some Cage Warriors goodness.
Speak soon times.

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