Friday, 14 March 2014

Those days you felt alive

Where did it all go?
Where did they go?

Those days before I had to ask the same people slightly different questions.

The days when the only real mystery was the menu for an evening meal; nights spent wandering home by the haunting phosphorous hum.

I'm not sure exactly how it all changed but it did.

How do any of us really change?

Is it really just a footstep between forced acceptance of circumstance and a gradual erosion of principles?

I accept this 9-5 pilgrimage like everyone else does, simply because it facilitates the life I have become accustomed to. Nursed to fattening point by the sickly sweet milk of capitalist living; we cry like children whenever we're forced to remember the times before targets were simply for throwing things at.

The me that exists for the times when conversation doesn't need a focus or a destination sighs internally at times like this. I smile though, knowing that everything is temporary and the candle of servitude diminishes with every door that closes.

My mood is lifted by the girl with the sunshine smile and the waterfall hair as soon as problems are swapped for stories and the belongings of the day are dispatched by a tsunami of hot beverages. No agenda, no time to keep, no time to waste, nothing to be done that doesn't in some way increase the one vital target we all seem to eager to forget, happiness.

Don't spend too much time.
Speak real soon

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matt said...

Simply beautiful my friend..