Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Flying home for Christmas

I always seem to keep saying the same things, maybe I haven't got anything new to say. This isn't dictated by a need to spread some kind of diatribe though, other than believe in yourself and strive to get better.

I'm currently staring down the barrel of learning a new, albeit similar, set of responsibilities for a new job doing a different thing for the same people. It's that odd period when the train crosses different tracks and there's inevitably much squeaking and sparking of metal on metal.

It's harder than normal though this week, massively so if I must be brutally honest. It's hard to explain just where to begin. It's never about me. If it was I'd want to do something where people could see what I looked like. It's about making sure that someone who has put their life into the last 8 weeks gets my full and undivided attention for 15 minutes. It doesn't sound a lot when you put it like that, but I'm always so full of fatigue when I'm done. It takes forever to sleep right and somehow even longer to wake up easily.

It was like a sea of noise and lights as far as I could see; nothing but elation soaked thoroughly in a frantic fanaticism. A slowly moving mass of humanity that took the air from my lungs as it rose to a cacophony that I really wasn't ready for.

Just a few days later I taught 4 people in a small warm room, overlooking a grey townscape. I wandered round that room for hours, helping my learners move closer towards their own individual goals and pursuits. I looked yearnfully into the distance as a plane slowly cut a path between the clouds, on the start of some fantastic adventure.

You forget why you do this somehow but then when you help someone and make a difference it all becomes real.

These two sides of my professional life are seemingly at other ends of any kind of spectrum, if one exists, but in many ways they're similar.

In both jobs I'm there to make sure that people are justly rewarded for their hard work and preparation.

I constantly spend my own time developing each craft to further increase just how effective I can be.

More importantly I never want to stop learning, and trying to get better and if you hit that point then it's time to answer those questions you've probably had for a while.

There's one thing my 9-5 will never be though, and that's able to give unbelievable dreams the opportunity to take flight and lodge themselves firmly in my memories.

Tales to be told in a warm drawing room as the winter cold is banished by hot drinks and warm hearts.

This doesn't end with me and it doesn't end with you.

Take care
Speak soon
Dzięki jeszcze raz


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