Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Last night seemed to last forever.

Maybe because it didn't get light all day, the memories of the summer seem like echoes from another lifetime. Last night I walked home in the rain and didn't have an umbrella. It wasn't the best but when I got home it somehow it all became worth it.

It's still surprising though whenever it happens, and it happens every year without fail, We're slaves to this cycle but there's no way we could ever get off or get out. We're the ones running, not the ones watching the wheel.

Why then am I so romantic about this time of the year, when realistically it just means we spend longer with the lights on?

Maybe it's because everything I associate with not having to worry about anything seems to happen more at the tail end of the year.

I play more videogames, sleep more and spend more time with my friends/family and my lovely wife. I watch more fights, I drink more tea and I end up staring at the sky a lot more.

However in real terms, it's the sense of responsibility that I'm unable to shake or shun that wears heavier down on me at this time of year.

There's more to do, more things to fix, more things to buy and less daylight to do them in. Maybe this year I'll make a bigger effort and keep more on top of things. I won't spend my hours wondering when it'll stop raining and imagining what would happen if it never stopped. I'll be positive, forward thinking and pro-active.

Or maybe I'll just sit inside where it's warm, switch on the kettle and play Bubble Bobble until it's Christmas again. 

Take Care
Speak Soon

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