Thursday, 14 January 2016

These last few days

I've realised that the things that matter are the people that matter.

I'm pretty sure I knew that anyway, but my worldly view has been reinforced tenfold by realising a few things recently. I'll never care about so many different things, despite how many times you tell me I should do.

The greatest gift we have is the chance to do what makes us truly happy. We're not here long enough to spend our time make plans; plans for the sneering eyes of people we'll never meet.

That's the beauty of all of this though.

When we truly realise that we have the power to what we want, everything becomes of slightly less consequence somehow.

The shackles of this corporate visage loosen enough to escape for the night at quarter to five; when the people we really are be meet up with the people we really love.

In short, wasting time is only wasting time if you don't look back it what you've done and smile.

Take care
Speak soon

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