Friday, 7 October 2016


I'm writing to put handles on thoughts that don't have purposes, so I can file them in boxes and in cupboards and forget about them.

I'm writing to reach people I'll never meet, stuck behind the confines of a desk that retains an almost sarcastic shine, whatever the weather.

I'm writing to look back on how I got to where I sit, and what comes next if I don't steer the ship.

I'm writing so you'll understand that you're the alpha and the omega of this whole process, without you even realising it or doing anything about it.

I'm writing so the time goes quicker, is that wrong? I think it's wrong but it's all I have at the moment.

I'm writing to reach back to that simpler time, when the world spun slower and days didn't retreat too fast into the solitude of order and model.

I'm writing because I don't want to forget what I was feeling when I hit the keys, even if it's there as a stern reminder.

I'm writing because it's the only thing I can do without thinking.

I'm thinking because it's the only thing that makes me write.

Take care
Speak soon

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