Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cold Fury

It struck me today that I don't have any of the videos I have made up on here so I figured it would make sense to get posting and see what you good people think.

I've made quite a lot in all honesty but of the serious ones there are two that I am particularly proud of.

This is "The Gladiator"
A video about Ross Pointon and his post TUF Career. I used the Zaromskis and Mason fights as my subject and went down the traditional route of slow-motion, black and white and nu-metal. I was pleased how this one turned out as it was certainly a learning experience and I will be releasing a more comprehensive one over the coming weeks.

This is "Night of the Gladiators 3:Pride"
A highlight video of the latest installment of Ross Pointon's MMA promotion. I feel this video has a much more professional look to it and was happy with having a ko to play with and being able to fade in and out around the commentary by myself and the only man I know who is more Philly that Will Smith, "Dangerous" David Lethaby. Check out his facebook page for links to his interviews.

Thanks for taking the time to read this as always and I hope you are all well.

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