Saturday, 24 April 2010

Night of the Gladiators 4: Videos and the like.

As it stands at the minute it's only 5 weeks until the next Night of the Gladiators event. It still amazes me that we have such a good local promotion. Like the title says I've been a fan of MMA for longer than I care to remember but when I look back at the "golden era" of my MMA viewing I always remember when Bravo used to show the UFC PPVs on a Sunday night.

I'd invite everyone round, break out the Pringles and the same group of 3-5 people would sit round, eat junk food and talk trash while taking in the fights. I watched so many battles in that time, Hughes vs Penn II, GSP vs Hughes II, Silva vs Franklin and I'll never forget Couture vs Sylvia. I'd been watching fights online for a long time previously but the scene that developed as a result of the "Fight Night Family" showed me how the sport could truly bring people together, from the gym straight to the PPV experience.

The Night of the Gladiators events will always mean a lot to me because it was the first show I ever called and it was the first show that I ever wrote up and saw published. The write up would appear in Fighters Magazine and the it was working with Rob Nutley and Dave Lethaby that made me realise that I had to be involved somehow. I had to write, commentate, make films or do something to try and become a part of this sport that has given me so many amazing experiences back.

Anyhow, the point of this endeavour is to keep you informed about the event and secondly to show you just how much this sport will give you if you commit yourself to it.

Just so you good people don't forget just how good this promotion is I'll post up a bit of work to illustrate my point.

I'll start with a quick promo video that I made for Night of the Gladiators 4. It'll be my last video made on Windows Movie Maker, it's served me well to learn a bit about my craft but I got the Sony Vegas Suite this week so I have a whole new box of toys to play with.

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carpo said...

Fight nights haven't been the same. Hughes vs Waaaaaarrrrrrr GSP was a classic.