Monday, 26 July 2010

Competition News - I'd buy that for a dollar

It's odd how I've been doing nothing but playing videogames and watching MMA and it still doesn't feel enough. There is an epic ammount of mma on in the next few weeks and I've got so many things to write up so please keep on reading and getting involved. It's awesome to see how many more people are reading this blog and now with the stats that I can properly monitor just where everything comes from.

It blew my mind when I saw that people from all over the world were taking the time to hit up this blog that started as a crazy idea one day when I waiting for my friend Tran to come round. It's funny how things happen.

Anyhow to the matter in hand, I had this idea today about giving something back to the people who read the blog so I came up with this. I'm going to get a few of the shirts made and then I'm going to do a UFC 118 prediction competition. I'll work out a system nearer the time but you'll need to pick winner, method and round for each fight and get points for all of them. You'll also have to pick a time for the main event finishing, which will only be used in the event of a tie break.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and there's all kinds of good stuff to come in the next few days so come get involved; who knows, you might just win something.

Take Care


Jim said...

Get some XLs in stock because I'm looking to clean house come August 28th.

Ben Cartlidge said...

You've got some world wide competition there champ. The best of luck :)