Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Who turned out the lights

Ahh Couture vs Toney. I'm kinda half excited and half curious as to see just how this is going to go down?

It's hard to think that we'll see anything other than a replay of Art Jimmerson vs Royce Gracie minus the one boxing glove but it remains to be seen.

I'm not going to write off Toney's chances just yet but he's going to have a boat load of issues with Randy.

Anyhow check out my article on this topic which is up at the minute on MMA Hit Pit, props once again to Del for posting this up.


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Jim said...

Yeah Toney is going to struggle with Randy, has he been doing any wrestling/grappling training do you know? (Toney not Randy of course) If he hasn't and he just tries to box it should make for an interesting (but very short) fight.

Ben Cartlidge said...

Toney has talked quite a lot about how he's been training with King Mo and Gegard Moussasi to name but a few. I don't know how much of it's hype and how much of it's real.

Whatever he's done he's not wrestled to an olympic level and he doesn't have 13 years of mma experience. He also hasn't choked out Ludvig Borga but that's just details.