Sunday, 26 February 2012

Raid Over Moscow - CW46

So Cage Warriors 46 happened this week in Kiev.

Flew out Wednesday morning, got home Friday teatime.

Here's a brief summary of the events of that crazy few days.

  • I ate a lot of croissants and drank quite a bit of tea. That's not unusual I know but it was nice to do it in a foreign country somehow.
  • It's cold over there. Very cold. I wore a hat a lot and spent a lot of time in my Christmas jumper.
  • If you don't have walk out music then it's state law that you walk out to The Scorpions. (This may not be true but it felt like it.)
  • James Brum is a legit beast. You'll see him in the big show before too long. I'd bet big on that happening.
  • Videogames are an essential part of how I stay balanced in life. If I get a little tired/stressed/hungry/homesick and I play Super Nintendo then everything seems fine.
  • Alison managed to find Sports biscuits while I was away. Best biscuits ever.
  • There were some great fights on the card and it was, once again, a real honour to be able to judge them and to be made to feel welcome by all the team at CW.
This continues to get more fun and more insane as the days go by.

If you want something enough, then make it happen.

You're the only person stopping it.

Take care

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