Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cage Warriors 49 - King of the Monsters

Sucks to be back at work again.

Everyone says that on these things right?

Well we can't all be wrong. Unless you are lucky enough to do something you love for a living.

Maybe even then it starts becoming like work somehow like it did when I was writing more for a living. I guess it's the human condition.

We just find it really sad, we thought being in a band would be so brilliant and yet it just becomes a routine like anything else. 

You know, whatever you choose to do in life, even if you love it, within a few months of doing it it's just the same thing every day but now it's just - wake up, travel, sound check, gig, wake up, travel, sound check, gig. 

When we first started that was brilliant and now it's just the same. There's something about human nature that just reduces life down to a routine.
Richey Edwards

This week's bundle of shiny violence came courtesy of Cage Warriors. I've been lucky enough to judge 10 of their events this year and every single one has been special in some way or another.

There's been no shortage of great fights, awesome company and phenomenal tea to be had throughout 2012 but I already knew that this show in Wales was going to be an amazing experience.

Cage Warriors 49 marked the organizational judging debut of my long time mma comrade Mr. David Lethaby who, after slogging away judging fights for years just like myself, got the call to head to Wales and make sense of it all.

The trips would include a flask of tea, S-Express, a long discussion about the Eastern front of the Second World War and some shortbread. Our hotel was out of the way but luckily enough we jumped in a cab with the usual suspects to get to the venue.

The evening was a cacophony of local heartache and close fought battles which I shall attempt to recount.
  • Welsh fans love a bit of a singalong don't they. Yes that's obvious but it's a true spectacle to behold when you look up into the crowd to see hundreds of Welsh types singing "You Jack Bastard" as anyone from Swansea walks in.
  • Alan Philpott is legit. That was arguably the performance of the night as he stepped in there against a very dangerous Kris Edwards and got the finish in impressive fashion.
  • If you're sitting at a table with sweets that are yours and somebody says "What's that up there?", it's always a trap. Always. Damn you people.
  • Once again a quick shout out to the likely lads who made the after show event such a civilised do. There's something magical about that first cup of tea after an mma event. That's some of my favourite stuff right there.
  • Faycal Hucin's dancing cheers everyone up. The dude rocks out like a cross between Andrew Ridgely and Papa Shango.
  • Close fights are close yo! Leave it to the pros Professor Plum.
  • Kev Reed vs. Lee Caers was bad ass. My fight of the night. Both showed crazy amounts of heart and I was hoping it would go a third. Anyhow, it was a great scrap. Well worth a watch.

It's obvious ain't it?

Short of picking a game with the title "UNIT" there was always going to be time for a bit of big old giggles.
Cathal Pendred looks like a cross between Captain America and Kurt Angle. There's no questioning the will of that guy, especially when Carvalho had him in that armbar. That looked very tight.

Thing with Pendred is that you've gotta get him out of there. You ain't out grinding that guy. It's a difficult style to judge and not the most kinetic to watch from time to time but you can't get away from the bottom line of the situation. He wins fights. A lot of fights.

Those two guys were arguably the biggest welters on the planet and, as I stood looking upwards at the cage from the judges table, I realised I'd made the right choice in going into judging.

Pendred deadlegging you to death whilst slicing you through the cage like a boiled potato? MISERABLE
Carvalho trying to pull your arm clean out of socket to mount above his fireplace? MISERABLE

I'm off to for the first walk home in the dark of 2012 so, if I make it home, I'll speak to you good people very soon.

Take Care
Love Always


Ian Dean said...

That Richey Edwards quote is amazing. So sad, yet so true

Anonymous said...

Mongo. You forgot the Mongo dammit

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