Friday, 20 December 2013


The pieces all fell into place.

I honestly don't think I've ever been that nervous before watching someone complete a puzzle. I think the best part was watching each section come to life because they all related to something amazing.

The life partnered Penguins, the Tofu Cute logo that she loves so much, photos of our various adventures or even the little foal. I don't know why I started calling her foal, it just kind of happened one day but I'm glad it did.

There's no words to describe what it felt like.

I just knew that, for all my planning and preparation, if I didn't deliver this line perfectly then somehow the moment would be lost.

I'd hidden the "Marry Me" piece in my pocket and, as she neared the end, I could sense the disappointment that stemmed from this incompletion. She placed the penultimate piece in the puzzle and looked up at me exclaiming sadly that there was a piece missing.

This was it.

It all came down to this moment. All of it.

I looked at her for a second before I managed to say "You're my missing piece" and as I did this, placed the final piece of the puzzle, completing the picture.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out the ring box and all at once was engulfed by a tsunami of emotion. The funny thing was, I'm not sure if she ever actually said yes. She just looked at the ring, looked at me, cried and held on.

But then, that was all I really needed.

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