Tuesday, 10 May 2016

For a moment here, this storm had no consqeuence

All I ever want to be is warm.

Every time I've got a feeling in my head about putting words down; the first image I get is one like this.

I love standing by a window watching the world go by, but it's made so much more special when that world is uninviting.

It fills me with the same sense that I used to get when I was younger and living at my mum's house.

I'd sit for hours playing videogames with various hot beverages, but I'd forever find myself lost in thought, gazing out of my window whenever it rained or snowed.

I'd see people hurrying along to try and find the shelter that we're all programmed to need from my spot, huddled next to the radiator. It's never rather him/her than me, it's a million miles away from gloating.

It's just a feeling that surrounds me like a bubble and for those seconds, there really isn't anything else that I need to do. There's nothing else to worry about because there's nothing else. Irrespective of where and how and who, the process remains drifting away in a sea of gentle neon lights and warmth; the sound of harsh winds seem a million miles away.

I always say the same things but then, these words make my arms tingle as they leave my head and appear in front of my eyes.

Until next time
Speak soon
Take care

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