Sunday, 3 July 2016


I do this all the time.

I obsess about things for very short periods.

None of them are related, none of them are from the present day and none of them are really helpful to me in any way.

I'll read pages and pages of old interviews and news articles, watch documentaries and videos online and basically try and fit as much knowledge as my head will let me store. I'll wonder and wish that I could experience everything that happened to him/her/them and what effect that massive change would have had on me.

It's all what ifs, but then so much of life is; even if we know that really doesn't solve anything.

It moves from one thing to another with almost regimented certainty.

It'll be a band one day, a video game the next but it really can be anything including various historical and cultural events from years gone by.

I don't know why I do this but it's probably one of the most consistent mental happenings in all of my years on this planet.

Until next time
Take care
Speak soon


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