Monday, 25 October 2010

Ben the Pen - Stories and Recollections

Big weekends don't come much bigger than the one that I had. 21 hours of study, 500 miles of driving, 22 fights, 13 cups of tea and it's only now it's all over and I'm sitting writing on the sofa that it all hits me.

This Wednesday, Ultimate Challenge: Unbelievable will be on Sky Sports 4. I was asked to commentate a few weeks ago and, to those who know me, I apologise if I've seen a bit distant. It'll be my televised commentating debut, it's epic to say the least.

I got to commentate on the biggest and best mma event in the UK and working along side Rob "Gran Torino" Nutley and Tom "Kong" Watson was amazing and an honour that it'll take me forever to fully understand and appreciate.

This blog, if you read it from the start, is a template for anyone who wants to achieve something that they have a passion for. I'm the first to admit and it's not just a gimmicky thing to say, I promise you I'm nothing special. I just love writing about this great sport and expressing how I feel about it through commentary. It's incredible to think that I started this crazy journey just 15 months ago and without the help and support of those people who've been instrumental, you know who you are, it would have been impossible.

What am I saying? Just don't stop doing what you like if you believe in what it is. If you feel you've got something to say and accomplish then never stop trying. It's all reachable, you've just got to believe.

I've got a lot of writing to do today so I'll speak to you very soon, but in the mean time listen to this.
It'll make sense I promise you.
Ben "The Pen" Cartlidge


Chris Leadbeater said...

Congrats Mr Carlidge, sounds like you've had lots of fun.

You've put lots of hard work into this so it's well deserved mate.

As always I have enjoyed reading this, keep me posted =D

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.