Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hands up, Guns down

I know quite a few of you good people personally, who read this blog, and you'll know that I spent a lot of my time teaching in various institutes for disadvantaged kids.

I'm not writing this to make out like I'm some kind of saint, far from it, but I'm always both impressed and pleased to see when athletes use their profile to give something back to the community. Fighters are athletes just like any other sportsmen or women and with that power comes a great responsibility.

I've had a chance, of late, to chat with so many awesome mma fighters and thanks to everyone who's made that happen.

Yesterday I got a chance to talk to Jamaine Facey as he  prepares to face Dean Amasinger at Ultimate Challenge: Unbelievable on 23rd October. It's going to be a war and no mistake but the interview impressed me for a number of other reasons; the biggest one being Jamaine's attitude towards the community and giving the kids an opportunity to identify positive role models and educate them on their opportunities in the future.

It's all here to read so please take the time to get involved and comment and I'll see you all at the fights, really really soon.

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