Sunday, 17 October 2010

Memories of a Simpler Time

The machine you see there probably means different things to every single one of you. To some it'll be the last great console that you bought, to some it'll be the cause of many a playground argument and some of you may have never even seen, let alone played one.

To me that machine represents one simple principle that I refer to on a daily basis. The Super Nintendo reminds me of a simple time, when all I worried about was playing videogames and riding on my mountain bike.

What's the deal with putting this on an mma blog? It's simply because it relates to me and writing and that's what it's all about. Writing, for me, is one of the few releases I have that completely empties my mind of everything but the pictures that I try to scribe down. I don't worry about anything when I write, it's hard to put it into words but I get a serene feeling that reminds me of those Utopian days that, at the time, I never fully appreciated.

I watched UFC 120 last night but it wasn't the same as it usually is, simply because every time the camera panned round I saw the media tables and the sea of writers sitting behind laptops. It was the same picture I'd seen at UFC 100 but this time the whole experience seemed so much more reachable. My exposure to the sport and to fighters has made this entire adventure seem within touching distance.

It was the UFC that got me interested in mixed martial arts, the UFC that made me want to write and the UFC that continues to set the standard in terms of consistent delivery of quality events. I'll make it to a UFC event one day with my laptop, my diary and the wide eyed look I had when I first realised I'd mastered the Hadoken. Writing's the dream, but it's getting more real every single day.

Take Care

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Chris Brentnall said...

You're American readers almost certainly won't have seen that machine...their version of a Super Nintendo was a very odd looking contraption...and the cartridges had a very dodgy 80's feel about them. Didn't stop me using them mind..

Looking at the actual console as opposed to using an emulator is like a 'Nam many hours spent on Street Fighter II and crazy Japanese imports, not having to worry about homework, girls or money...only thing on my mind was how to stop Bowser from levelling my city. The bastard.