Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Brian Stann - Heart for the Fight


Imagine my suprise this morning when I saw the postman trying to wedge a parcel through the letter box. I wasn't waiting for anything from overseas, or so I thought, so I unwrapped it somewhat frantically.

I'd forgotten that, a while ago, I'd been approached by Quayside Publishing, to review this book but with work being hectic and all I'd forgotten about it.

I sat down and noticed a few things straight away, the first being that this was a signed copy, much thanks to Brian and the team for this.

The second was the fact that it had just started raining and I'd not long boiled the kettle. I made a cup of tea and sat in the conservatory to give it a quick taster. I can't honestly tell you what happened next, I just remember getting more tea and then being a little sad when I'd got to the end.

The sadness was simply because I'd read it all and I was quite taken aback by the whole experience ending. More to the point, even if you don't like mma I'd take the time to read this. That's the magic of it in many respects.

Thanks again to John at Quayside Publishing and all I can say is I can't recommend this book enough.

Take Care

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