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Gym of the Month - Pure MMA

It's gym of the month time once again and following on from last month's Sukata-thon,I took the time to chat with Dan Korbely from Paul Taylor's Pure MMA.

Once again it was Cage Control, back in June, where I first saw this gym in action as Pure MMA's Seamus O'Flaherty was victorious with a first round TKO.

Pure MMA's story is a very interesting one and you want to get in contact with any enquiries then follow the link below.

Pure MMA

What was your first involvement with mixed martial arts?

My first involvement  was while I was at school I used to watch UFC, and decided it was something I wanted to take up, so I ended up joining a gym and training. After a while I started competing and had 10 Semi-Pro fights and 1 Pro, along with competing in grappling competitions. Its been a while since I have competed though. For a while my time has been took up with coaching and making sure everyone is training hard for upcoming fights.
Briefly explain the history of the gym.

We started out as 'Team Supreme', but unfortunately a few things led to others which resulted in us all having to move from our old gym; from this Pure MMA was born, the gym is run by Paul Taylor and myself.However, despite being a team for a long time the gym has not been open very long. Since the name change and venue change the team has gone 8-1 in their last 9 fights over the past couple of months, with the one loss being a close decision. I think this shows that everyone of the lads have put their heart and soul into training and being able to build up a record like that despite lots of things going on and having limited facilities to train in for a majority of those fights shows our spirit. Now we are settled into our new place so things will most certainly improve now with a better training timetable, and being able to do sessions whenever we want.
What is your vision for the gym?

The vision for the gym is to build on our already strong fight team, and offer the best training possible.
Who are the coaches and what are their backgrounds?

We have a fair few people coaching lessons at the gym including: Paul Taylor, Dan Korbely, Stuart Barrs and Eugene Fadiora all from MMA backgrounds. All have their own strengths to bring to the table to help all the members at the gym. As well as these guys we have a strength and conditioning coach as well as a boxing and a wrestling coach.

What range of classes does the gym offer?
The gym offers a wide range of classes, to compensate for beginners and fighters alike our classes include: Advanced MMA, Beginners MMA Thai Boxing, Boxing, NoGi, Wrestling and Strength and conditioning. We train Monday - Saturday, so our timetable is quite full on.
As more and more MMA gyms open up over the coming months what do you feel is unique about the gym?

I think one of the things about our gym is the team spirit and that everyone is friends in the gym. I wouldn't say its unique because a lot of successful gyms have this, but it's a big reason the team does so well. Everyone looks forward to coming down the gym and most of the lads train every day. Its like a bunch of mates all reaching towards one goal. The training is also very good both of these factors will make us stand out as more and more gyms open up.

What is the most gruelling training session that the gym currently runs?

That has got to be the IHP (Strength and Conditioning) circuit that runs, especially on a Tuesday, we do 3 classes a night and the dreaded circuit is the first class so if you can last through that and manage the other classes after it then you're doing well.
How would you sum the gym up in a sentence?

A great atmosphere and a place that's easy to get addicted to.
What are the plans for the gym for the future?

Like I said it's early days at the moment, but for the immediate future we plan  to build on our already strong fight team.

Is there anyone that you'd like to thank or give a shout out to?

All the members for sticking with me and Paul through some rough times, and now we promise good times ahead. Thanks Guys.

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