Monday, 9 August 2010

Thiago Alves - The Weight of Expectation

This weekend I received a really exciting e-mail to write for a site called MMAHQ. I hate saying the same thing but the more I realise that people all over the world are taking the time to read these posts the more I feel blessed with the opportunities that I'm given.

Watching the UFC at the weekend I was almost half prepared for a disappointing performance from Alves after he struggled with the weight cut. As soon as he locked up with Fitch and was subsequently bundled to the floor I kinda watched through my fingers as it unfolded. I like watching Thiago Alves but it was clear that something wasn't right. I wrote this piece for MMAHQ about the potential outcomes and issues presented by a move to middleweight

Thiago Alves - The Weight of Expectations

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