Sunday, 29 August 2010

UFC 118 - Competition Results

Good morning all, I trust you slept well. UFC 118 is in the books and, that said, it's time to announce the winner of the first ever Super North Star MMA Prediction Contest. I had a lot of entries, thanks to everyone who took the time to get involved it was amazing to go through all the answers this morning.

I'll be writing up about the card in question real soon so look out for that but now the moment of truth. The winner of the UFC 118 prediction thread with a very respectable total of 21 points is Chris Brentnall. Congratulations Chris, there's a Super North Star MMA shirt winging it's way to you in the post and it just remains for me to say thank you all very much for getting involved.

I've got a lot coming up in September including an amazing gym of the month, some awesome interviews and another competition with a prize supplied by the nice people at CKA Martial Arts. Thanks very much again and I'll leave you with this thought; if James Toney would have come out wearing one boxing glove would it have been any more ridiculous?

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