Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Night of the Gladiators 5 - 11/09/10

I really can't believe how fast these events come around these days, it seems only a few days back that Rob Nutley, Dangerous Dave and myself were breaking out the sharp suits and catchphrases.

I've known Ross for a good few years and one of the things I learned pretty fast is that he doesn't believe in half measures. NOTG5 has a stacked card from top to bottom and promises to be the biggest mma event of the year so far in this part of the world. I always end up saying it but hell, you'd be annoyed if I didn't, I'm always thankful for the chance to work this show. It was the first mma gig that I ever worked and, as a result, I'll always be ready to bring the noise, whenever GPUK is in the equation

If you're on Facebook there's a video preview from P4TV that sums up perfectly just what this show is all about, I'll post the link below here. All it remains for me to say is to get involved, this is easily the best show in the area in one of the best venues in the country.

Night of the Gladiators - Let's go to war

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